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Letter NEWHM:1996.H67.165

The Crystal Palace to John Hancock (30 April 1856)

An official request asking Hancock to consider exhibiting a further collection of his taxidermy studies at the Crystal Palace, London.



Crystal Palace 


April 30th 1856


My Dear Sir,

You will no doubt remember that in the summer of last year we had some correspondence on the subject of your exhibiting in the Crystal Palace some of your admirable & instructive specimens of Birds. 1

I beg now to say that we shall be very glad to give a place worthy of their merits to anything [p.2] you may send to us; & that if at anytime the payment of Rent was mentioned, such an idea is no longer entertained with regard to such objects as yours.

Hoping soon to hear from you on the subject,

I am, | My Dear Sir, | Yours faithfully | [Signature illeg. possibly John Pine.] Secy

John Hancock Esq.




1. John Hancock originally exhibited a number of his large taxidermy studies in the Great Exhibition held at the Crystal Palace, Hyde Park in 1951. In 1952, the Crystal Palace was moved to Sydenham Hill. Hancock must have been contemplating another exhibition of his work in 1856.

See Letter 22 for information on Hancock’s exhibition at the Crystal Palace.