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Letter 1071

John Hancock to Henry C St John (October 1880)

Hancock has arranged for the Giant Japanese Spider Crab to be photographed by Messer’s Mawson, Swan and Morgan for St John’s proposed book. St John will need to speak to the photographer himself in due course as Hancock is leaving Newcastle for Oatlands, Surrey in the near future.




Oct. 1880 [pencil]


Dear St. John,


I wrote you a few days ago to say I should do what I could to get you a Photograph of the big Crab.


I have seen a person here who will undertake do it but we he should like to know the size required for the book will take [1 word crossed out illeg.]1


[Ink drawing of the crab]


As I am going to leave [p.2] on Wednesday the 6th you better put yourself in com communication with the gentleman I saw.  Mr. Morgan of the Firm of MessrsMawson, Swan & Morgan – Grey St. Newcastle


I shall be at Oatlands on Saturday night the 9th


Yours [1 word illeg.] | J.H. [signature]





Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle – upon -Tyne.

Book Post.


John Hancock Esq

4 St Mary’s Place





1. Captain H. C. St John. Notes and sketches from the wild coasts of Nipon with chapters on cruising after pirates in Chinese waters. 1880.

There is a copy in the Natural History Society’s library.


2. The specimen of the Japanese Spider Crab mounted by Hancock and on display in the Newcastle Museum, Westgate Road.