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Albany Hancock and Thomas Henry Huxley Correspondence

The Natural History Society of Northumbria's Archive contains a fascinating wealth of historical correspondence between many eminent scientists of the Victorian era

The extensive collection of letters between Thomas Henry Huxley and Albany Hancock, spanning the years 1852-1873, has remained virtually unread and uncatalogued since they were presented to the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne in 1883 by Mary Jane Hancock.  They offer fresh insight into the professional relationship between these two eminent scientists and the subjects of their research.

Natural History Society member and archive volunteer, Professor Wallace Arthur has spent two years transcribing and cataloging the letters both in the Society’s collection and those housed in the archives of Imperial College, London.

Prof Arthur’s conclusions to his work has been recorded in his latest paper – Arthur, W (2017) Molluscs, Medals and Monsters: Letters between Albany Hancock and Thomas Henry Huxley – which has now been published in the Northumbrian Naturalist, Vol. 83, pp.68-79.

Fascinating detailed transcripts of all of the letters can be read here.