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Saplings and Spades: A Woodland Returns

£9.99 + £1.50 P&P


As a young boy, David Parkins witnessed bulldozers obliterate a forest for a bypass. Decades later, he resolved to replace the annihilated trees with another wood. Starting from nothing, he set about the task. It was not easy: there was vastly more to woodland establishment than planting saplings…

This informal, illustrated book is a must-read for those wanting, or wondering to know, what it is like to plant a new wood of their own.

Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited.

£5 of every copy of David’s book will be donated to the Natural History Society of Northumbria.

This illustrated book tells how and why I planted a new wood in Northumberland – a whimsical decision if ever there was one – my only qualification being a lifelong interest in trees.

I started from scratch, bought a field and a spade. Alongside the triumphs and disasters, my efforts attracted considerable interest and copious questions! I answered by writing pamphlets – the idea of this book was born.

I write informally. Technical details have their own chapter and a bibliography lists the ‘must-read’ books for aspiring wood planters. There is more to new woods than planting trees, ultimate success is down to an overlooked truth which is credited, naturally, on the last page.

The book is written for those wanting or wondering what it is like to plant a wood. I hope it will inspire too.

– David Parkins.