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Your North East Nature Recap

21st May 2020

Discover North-East nature many of the talks, articles, and videos shared over recent weeks.

Water Rail (c) Chris Castling

To help you find your daily dose of nature during this uncertain time, we’ve shared a range of articles, talks, papers, and short films for you to enjoy at home.

There has been a lot to choose from over recent weeks and even more to read and digest so, to make your life easier, here is a recap of the natural history content shared throughout May.

North East Nature Videos

Identifying Woodland Wildflowers

Accompany Chris Metherell on a woodland walk as he sets out in search of the wildflowers that you could encounter in a woodland, copse or forest near you.

Introducing the North East Bee Hunt

Join local bee experts and NHSN staff for a special NHSN talk with a focus on bee identification, recording, and of course, the North East Bee Hunt.

Meet the Tawny Mining Bee

Charlotte Rankin provides a short introduction to the furry, fox-colored Tawny Mining Bee.

Identifying Wildflowers in Damp Grassland

Join Chris Metherell as he highlights some of the North East wildflowers you are most likely to encounter in soggy places.

Life in the Garden Undergrowth

Sit back, grab your favourite drink, and enjoy a collection of small mammal footage shared by local naturalist, Christopher Wren.

Perfect for Bee-Watchers

Discover the Hairy-footed Flower Bee

Discover the Hairy-footed Flower Bee

Can you help track the changing distribution of one of the North East's rarest bee species? ...
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For Naturalists of All Interests

Online Talk: Marine Mammals Off the Northumberland Coast

Online Talk: Marine Mammals Off the Northumberland Coast

Explore the mysterious underwater world of marine mammals off the Northumberland coast with seal-diver, Ben Burville ...
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