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Urgent Support Needed for Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

9th January 2018

The Ridley bird hide, GNR © Jill Tate

UPDATE (19/02/2018): previously, we asked you to submit objections by 31 January and then 14 February. There has still been no news regarding any progress of the development application, and objections can still be submitted.
We will keep you updated as we find out more.
Thank you to everyone who has submitted objections!


There is a current planning application to build 240 starter homes on land opposite the Reserve entrance at Lake Lodge. This development would be detrimental to the biodiversity of the nature reserve and impact negatively on the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). NHSN objected to this development when the development was submitted in 2016. Since then there have been some changes to the application and I shall be making another formal objection to further strengthen our position.

Councillors making the decision need to know that there are many NHSN members and supporters who value the biodiversity of the nature reserve. Please object to this planning application by following the link below and submit your comments. The more objections the Councillors receive showing our support for wildlife, the better.

Our objections are:

  • Residential properties will bring cats and dogs to the site. Predation of birds and small mammals in the SSSI will be detrimental. Any conditions for residents not to own cats is not enforceable.
  • The current application does not provide suitable access to public greenspace. Increased trespass onto the nature reserve and surrounding private land will disturb the biodiversity, particularly from dog walkers. Protected species, such as otter, badger, red squirrel and bats, will be threatened.
  • The development does not comply with approved policy. Detrimental effect to the SSSI is contrary to the Council’s policies to protect biodiversity (DM5 and DM6).
  • The North Tyneside Development Plan currently designates the land for employment use. Residential development would not be in accordance with this. Inadequate infrastructure, increased traffic to an already very busy road system and complaints about the adjoining industrial use will become issues.

You can view comments already submitted to the development plan by following the link below. Simply add in the application reference number 16/01304/FUL

NHSN has managed this wonderful nature reserve since 1929. Thanks to those members who were passionate about wildlife, the shooting rights for wildfowl were prohibited and the reserve managed for wildlife. We need to demonstrate that we still care for local wildlife and are prepared to voice these views to the elected decision makers.

Please submit an objection by 14 February. Adding your text to the ‘Your Comment’ box will help us be a loud, clear voice standing up for wildlife.

Thank you for your help and support.

Clare Freeman

Otter GPNR © Chris Barlow