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'Towards 2029' partnership launched with Newcastle CVS

13th April 2018

We are delighted to announce that, as part of our exciting new ‘Towards 2029‘ project, we will be teaming up with Newcastle CVS in a move that will likely shape the very future of NHSN.

Established in 1929, Newcastle CVS supports voluntary groups, societies and charities in their mission to establish, develop and thrive: offering advice and guidance on financial management, strategic reviews, thoughts on direction and much, much more. Our relationship with Newcastle CVS will be vital to the future direction of NHSN, allowing us to develop increasingly robust procedures, grow as a charitable organisation and, ultimately, achieve our goals of protecting and promoting the natural history of the North-East. While continuing to provide an educational and supportive resource for naturalists in the region. Newcastle CVS pride themselves on responding accordingly to the individual values, ethos and working practices of members, and it is anticipated that their extensive experience and strategic expertise will prove a real asset to NHSN as we head Towards 2029.

Representing Newcastle CVS in their work with NHSN is Support and development Business Manager, Giovanni Spatuzzi: current head of the Newcastle CVS Support and Development Team.  As part of this role, Giovanni provides advice on all aspects of organisational development from governance reviews and project evaluations to organisational assessments.
Giovanni has previously carried out several organisational assessments of charities in the North East, which have led them to grow and develop.

Also working with NHSN will be Jim Dodds , Manager of Ellison Services Limited: the trading subsidiary of Newcastle CVS providing a range of financial services to the charitable sector. This includes independent examination of charity accounts up to an income level of £1 million, accounting services and consultancy, as well as payroll and pension administration. Jim has supported several charities to set up and maintain their own financial accounting system.

NHSN Director Clare Freeman writes:

I am very much looking forward to working with Newcastle CVS as part of the ‘Towards 2029’ project. Their considerable expertise in the realm strategy, management and planning will undoubtedly be an asset as NHSN looks to grow and expand over the years to come. By working with Jim and Giovanni, NHSN will be equipped not only with the tools and knowledge to sustain itself long-term, but to thrive for many years to come.