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Northumbrian Naturalist

Online Library: William Turner and the Identification of Herb Paris

26th August 2020

We’re digging into our archive and library to share with you a range of publications that take an in-depth look at nature in the North East. Covering all areas of natural history, we hope […]


Online library: The current status of the Pine Marten in Northern England

4th May 2020

Naturalist and mammal scientist, Kevin O'Hara, gives an insight into the current status of one of the North East's most elusive mammals


Online library: The wolf, bear and lynx in Durham and Northumberland

14th April 2020

Discover the history the bear, wolf and lynx in North East England with local naturalist, Terry Coult


Online Library: The Beetles of Gosforth Nature Reserve

24th March 2020

Take a closer look at the beetle community of Gosforth Nature Reserve in this 2008 study by Martin Luff