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Natural History Talk

Online talk: How will climate change affect insect pollinators?

14th July 2020

Join pollinator researcher, Ellen Moss, and discover the impact of climate change on pollinators and the wildflowers they feed on


Online Talk: Why Have We Failed to Protect Nature?

10th June 2020

Join environmental social scientist, Dr Niki Rust, to hear how better communications might hold the key to solving the ongoing ecological emergency


Online Talk: Marine Mammals Off the Northumberland Coast

12th May 2020

Explore the mysterious underwater world of marine mammals off the Northumberland coast with seal-diver, Ben Burville


Online Talk: Cocwudu – ancient woodlands in Northumberland

14th April 2020

Discover the forgotten evolution of a landscape as you take a tour of Northumberland's ancient woodlands with Max Adams


Online Talk: Bucking the Trend on Coquet Island

6th April 2020

Take an in-depth look at conservation on Coquet Island with RSPB Warden, Paul Morrison


Online Talk: Bumblebees of North East England

26th March 2020

Discover the biology, ecology and future status of bumblebees in North East England


Online Talk: Plants Behaving Badly

20th March 2020

Join botanist, Chris Metherell, for a tour around some of the taxonomic terrors and sulky teenagers of the plant world