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North East Bee Hunt Update

21st May 2020

You have now shared a fantastic 600 records as part of the North East Bee Hunt. Charlotte Rankin summarises your records and observations over the last two weeks.


Getting to know your ‘white-tailed’ bees

19th May 2020

White-tailed bees can be a confusing bunch. Learn to identify some of the most frequently encountered species in a new post by Charlotte Rankin.


The North East Bee Hunt: A Naturalist’s Refuge During Isolation

Local naturalist, Callum Ritchie, provides a personal take on bee recording in the North East during lockdown


Introducing the Tree Bumblebee

4th May 2020

An introduction to the fifth of our North East Bee Hunt target species: the Tree Bumblebee


The Rare Bees of North East England

Discover seven rare North East bees you could find in your own garden


A closer look at three spring mining bees

22nd April 2020

Take a closer look at three species of Mining Bee that can be found in your garden


Introducing the Tawny Mining Bee

21st April 2020

An introduction to the first of your North East Bee Hunt target species: the Tawny Mining Bee


Discover the Dark-edged Bee-fly

15th April 2020

Charlotte Rankin provides an overview of the Dark-edged Bee-fly, the bee-fly species you are most likely to encounter in the North East.


Five bee mimics you might encounter in the North East

7th April 2020

When recording bees, it pays to be wary of imposters. Here, Charlotte Rankin introduces five North East hoverflies with the potential to confuse observers.


An Introduction to Bee Diversity

30th March 2020

Explore the world of honeybees, solitary bees and bumblebees with NHSN Project Officer and local entomologist, Charlotte Rankin