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A Beginners Guide to ‘White’ butterflies

3rd August 2020

White butterflies are a common sight during the warmer months of the year and in the North East, you are likely to encounter four common species. Separate and identify these four species with NHSN Invertebrate Section lead, Gordon Port. 


The Red-tailed Cuckoo Bee in North East England

30th July 2020

Discover the large and elusive Red-tailed Cuckoo Bee and its history, distribution and future in the North East


Bee of the Month: the Fork-tailed Flower Bee

15th July 2020

Charlotte Rankin introduces the endearing and under-recorded Fork-tailed Flower Bee, a species you could encounter in your gardens throughout July


North East Bee Hunt Update

You have now shared a fantastic 1600 records as part of the North East Bee Hunt. Below, Charlotte Rankin summarises your records and observations over the last two weeks.


Early Season Damselflies and Dragonflies at Gosforth Nature Reserve

9th June 2020

Discover the early season dragonflies and damselflies of Gosforth Nature Reserve in a new photo-blog from naturalist, Christopher Wren


Getting to know your ‘white-tailed’ bees

19th May 2020

White-tailed bees can be a confusing bunch. Learn to identify some of the most frequently encountered species in a new post by Charlotte Rankin.


The Rare Bees of North East England

4th May 2020

Discover seven rare North East bees you could find in your own garden