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Smart phone apps to help you enjoy nature

26th May 2020

As technology develops, natural history apps are helping many people come closer to nature. Discover seven apps you can use at home to identify, study, and enjoy wildlife.


Your North East Nature Recap

21st May 2020

Discover North-East nature many of the talks, articles, and videos shared over recent weeks.


Online Talk: Plants Behaving Badly

20th March 2020

Join botanist, Chris Metherell, for a tour around some of the taxonomic terrors and sulky teenagers of the plant world


A Ringers Year: January 2020

4th February 2020

I have just returned from two weeks in the West African Country of The Gambia where I stayed with 12 other volunteers from the UK; at the Kartong Bird Observatory.  […]


A Ringers Year: December 2019

7th January 2020

We undertook two ringing sessions near my house this month catching 19 new birds and 10 retraps on the 10th, and 32 new birds with 13 re-traps on the 20th.  The […]