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Best field guides to use at home: Bees

28th May 2020

We've asked NHSN members to tell us about their favourite field guides for the garden or on walks close to home. In this post, Rinke Vinkenoog suggests guides for identifying bees.


The Rare Bees of North East England

4th May 2020

Discover seven rare North East bees you could find in your own garden


North East Bee Hunt Update

9th April 2020

Charlotte Rankin provides an overview of the first two weeks of the North East Bee Hunt


An Introduction to Bee Diversity

30th March 2020

Explore the world of honeybees, solitary bees and bumblebees with NHSN Project Officer and local entomologist, Charlotte Rankin


Online Talk: Bumblebees of North East England

26th March 2020

Discover the biology, ecology and future status of bumblebees in North East England


Join the buzz around bumblebees in 2020

22nd January 2020

It’s hard not to admire bumblebees: they’re colourful, perform a vital function in the ecosystem and are sufficiently diverse to keep entomologists, expert and enthusiast alike, on their toes. To […]