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Stunning Victorian Botany Artwork Now Online

6th February 2018

We are delighted to announce that our collection of Margaret Rebecca Dickinson’s (1821-1918) botanical watercolours is now available to view on our website.¬†We have refreshed the gallery and taken the opportunity to upload higher resolution images so that you can better appreciate the delicacy and accuracy of these wonderful illustrations.

Miss Dickinson¬†was a talented Victorian botanist and artist who collected and painted over a thousand British plants between the 1840s and 1870s. This stunning collection is one of many gems in the NHSN archives, and is all the more special as we also hold Miss Dickinson’s herbarium and associated catalogue. The original specimens from which these drawings were made are now stored in the GNM: Hancock Museum’s Herbarium.

For the more scientifically-minded, the collection also provides a fascinating insight into how scientific classification can change through time and as knowledge develops. Many of the classifications and common names which Miss Dickinson knew have now been superseded, and where this is the case we have noted it in the image descriptions.

You can read more about Margaret Dickinson and view the gallery of her watercolours here.

A huge thank you to volunteer Tim Johnson, who has tirelessly uploaded the images and ensured all the correct information is attached to each flower.