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Sighting project: colour-ringed Shags

11th August 2017

We need your help! The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the University of Aberdeen are really keen to get resightings of colour ringed shags this winter. They are collaborating on a project to try and link movement behaviour during winter and survival with production across shag colonies in the North Sea, and how this varies across different environmental conditions.

Since 2009, shags at multiple colonies along the east coast of Scotland and England have been ringed with a coloured plastic ring engraved with 3 letters, allowing individuals to be identified in the field using binoculars, a telescope or camera zoom. The shag is an inshore species and individuals of all ages can be seen in winter at coastal roost sites.

They are particularly keen to get any resightings of these shags in Northumberland, no matter how small the number, and wondered whether any of our members might be able to help.
The information needed for each sighting includes:

  • ring code
  • ring colour
  • location spotted
  • date spotted.

Email any resightings to and follow the project twitter @ShagMigration