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National Tree Week at GPNR

3rd December 2017

Tree planting at GPNR

Tree planting at GPNR took place on 25 November as part of National Tree week
(25 November – 3 December), which launches the winter tree planting season.

Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the cold weather to help with the planting of hundreds of trees! A mixture of native trees and shrubs were planted, including rowan, alder, elder, hawthorn, dog rose, yew, holly, oak and Scots pine, to diversify the age and species mix of the woodland. These species were also selected for their biodiversity value to provide food for insects and birds.

Paul Drummond, Reserve Warden, said “It was great to have so many volunteers at the reserve enjoying the tree planting. It is such a satisfying job and especially worthwhile on future visits to see trees and shrubs gaining in height and improving the woodland mix of species”.