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Floods swamp Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

9th January 2016

The flooded Ridley hide at GPNR © NHSN

Nature reserve under water as deluge causes flooding.

Following the heavy rain over the first week of January a number of nature reserve across the North East have been flooded including Gosforth Park Reserve which closed on 8th of January.

Whitecroft Burn burst banks flowing under boardwalk © NHSN

Water levels in the reserve’s lake rose so high that water flooded a new boardwalk and wildlife hide, which were only opened last year. A stream which flows into the reserve burst it’s banks flooding woodland and making paths and boardwalks through the reserve impassable.

Animals and birds would have been able to escape the floods by moving to drier ground but many invertebrates over-winter as eggs and larvae and they will have been destroyed. We won’t see the impact of this until later in the year when there could be a knock-on effect on the food chain.

James Littlewood, Society Director, says “The reserve has been reopened as water levels have gone down enough to allow visitors to use paths again however the reserve is now very muddy. We are hoping that there was been no lasting damage.”

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