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Deer killed at Gosforth Park

1st November 2015

Two Roe Deer have been hunted with dogs, killed and butchered in Gosforth this autumn. Carcasses were found just to the south of Gosforth Park Nature Reserve in August and October.

Roe Deer shelter in the Nature Reserve but often roam into surrounding areas to feed, especially at night. The deer are a common sight and much loved by people who live in the area. Society Director, James Littlewood said, “we work really hard to protect wildlife in the reserve so it is really upsetting to see our deer killed in this way once they head out of the reserve to feed.”

Roe deer © Olive TaylorIt is believed that two men are responsible and that hunting is taking place at night, with Heathery Lane being used to gain access to the fields, woodland and golf course where the deer are feeding. Hunting with dogs and poaching in this way is illegal as well as cruel.

We have been liaising with Northumbria Police to try and catch them. Their spokesman said: “Deer poaching is a criminal offence under the Deer Act 1991. The force work with wildlife managers and landowners to target illegal poachers and enquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

If you live in the area then please keep an eye-out for suspicious behaviour – in particular the poachers are using torches at night and so may be visible from a distance. Please report to the Police on 999 or 101.

You can read an online article about this story in the Chronicle.