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Woodcock in Britain: Migration, Populations and Trends. Talk by Chris Heward

Friday 30 October, 7pm-8pm
Great North Museum: Hancock

Until recently, many aspects of the Woodcock’s ecology were a mystery to us. Now, new technology is helping us answer important questions regarding the origins and habits of our migrant Woodcock. The use of stable isotope analysis, satellite transmitters and geolocators has given us a previously-unseen insight into their incredible journeys. But these migrants are only one side of the story; Britain is also home to a small resident breeding population of Woodcock. This population has undergone marked declines over the last 40 years, raising concerns about its future. The questions that we currently need to address centre on this resident population, about which relatively little is known.

Chris is a research assistant at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust which is leading research into Woodcock. He is also a PhD student at the University of Nottingham. He has worked with Woodcock for the past five years and is currently writing a thesis on the status and ecology of Britain’s breeding population.