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Understanding the Earth's Large-Scale Processes - Imaging the Deepest Depths of the Oceans and Beyond

Indoor Event, 7pm
Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne

Christine Peirce, Professor of Marine Geophysics at Durham University, will describe a recent British-led research cruise to the Tonga-Kermedec subduction system. The expedition aimed to image the structure and properties of the overridng and downgoing plates, and how they bend and deform in response to loading by one of the largest seamount chains on Earth – the Louisville Ridge. During the cruise, eruption of the Monowai submarine volcano was also observed, with significant changes in seabed depth and major flank collapse events occurring between repeated surveying visits to the site. This talk will provide a glimpse into the world of large-scale marine geophysical exploration and the challenges of acquiring data in very deep water and when the weather is not always kind.