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UK Shale Oil: Fact or Fantasy?

Friday 25 October, 7.00pm-8.00pm, Newcastle University – Ridley Building 2, room RIDB2.1.65

with Timothy Daley, Geophysicist, Sanderling Seismic Services

Shale oil and gas production has surged in the USA and also hits the headlines in the UK with reports of billions of barrels and trillions of cubic feet of oil and gas potential. What is behind these vast numbers and how likely are they to be developed? First, we should understand how the hydrocarbon volumes are estimated and produced for conventional hydrocarbon fields. We will see that unconventional hydrocarbons (including shale) have fundamental differences in how the oil or gas is stored underground and subsequently produced. This explains why their resource assessments cover wide regions and the need for the dreaded ‘F’ word. This talk by Tim Daley, a seasoned oil geologist, will focus on how the oil and gas volumes are calculated, how much might actually be produced and what it would take to bring them on stream.