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Tour of the Great North Museum: Hancock Collections - world treasures

Tuesday 7 March, 11am-12pm

Discovery Museum, Newcastle.

The Natural History Society of Northumbria has a 1/2 million items in its collections from Dodo bones to Egyptian mummies. Some of these are on display in the Great North Museum: Hancock but most are held in special stores in the basement of Newcastle’s Discovery Museum. This is a fantastic opportunity to see material that is not on display and to learn about the items and their care first hand.

Andrew Parkin will explore our treasure trove of amazing objects from around the world such as headhunters swords from Borneo, opium pipes from China and sharks teeth swords from Kirabati.

This tour is free but you must book in advance as numbers are limited. To book places please contact the Society Office 0191 208 2790 or