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Thomas Bewick and Natural History

Indoor Event, 2pm

Bewick Society Chairman, Peter Quinn, will give a short talk on the North East’s famous artist and woodengraver Thomas Bewick, highlighting his role in the field of natural history. Peter will look at some of the naturalists who influenced Bewick and go on to discuss how his work was admired by his contemporaries including the great American artist John James Audubon.

This will be followed by a rare opportunity to examine key works by Bewick and other naturalists held in the special collections library of the Natural History Society. Volumes on display will include Marmaduke Tunstall’s Ornithologia Britannica, 1771, Pierre Belon’s L’Histoire de la nature des oyseaux, 1555 and material by other well known naturalists such as Thomas Pennant and Audubon.

Venue: Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge NE2 4PT