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The wild flowers of Orkney and some comparisons with Shetland. Talk by Eric Meek

Friday 16 October, 7pm-8pm
Great North Museum: Hancock

Born and brought up in Northumberland, Eric Meek moved to Orkney in 1981 to become the RSPB’s Area Officer in the islands, a post he held until his retirement in 2012. His main area of study has been birds and he co-authored ‘Northumberland’s Birds’. While in Orkney he has published papers on raptors, seabirds, wildfowl and the effects of wind turbines on birds. Like many birdwatchers, his interests have widened and botany now plays as much a part in his life as ornithology. He has recently co-authored the ‘Orkney Rare Plant Register’ and in this talk he will describe some of the unique aspects of Orcadian botany and discuss the main differences between the plants of that archipelago and those of its northern neighbour, Shetland.