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The Whaling Trade of Northeast England 1750-1850

Talk, 7-8pm. Great North Museum:Hancock.

It is easy to forget that whaling once took place in the North East. This talk will explore the origins of the whaling trade and the reasons it became established on Tyneside and other regional ports during the 18th century. Tony will explain the importance of the whaling trade to the regional economy, the special character of the ships and seamen involved in it and the hardships and dangers of a whaling life. He will also look at the decline of whaling from the region and explore some of its surviving heritage in the form of whalebone arches; whaling harpoons and, of course, the Hancock Museum’s Polar bear!!

Dr Tony Barrow was awarded his doctorate by the University of Northumbria in 1989, the subject of this talk being the title of his Ph.D research. This was later published by University of Sunderland Press in 2001. A number of papers and academic articles have followed on a wide range of subjects and Dr. Barrow has published extensively on a variety of aspects of regional maritime history.