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The story of pollination: a bee for every blossom?

Bee on flower by Florence Davis

Bee on flower by Florence Davis

Illustrated talk by Dr Rinke Vinkenoog

Friday 21 October, 7-8pm.

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle NE2 4PT.

Flowering plants emerged over a 100 million years ago, and have rapidly evolved into the rich variety of plants we see today. Part of the success story of the flowering plants was their co-evolution with flying insects which act as pollinators. However, pollination is not restricted to insects alone. In this talk, we will explore the multiple interactions between flowers and their pollinators. How well adapted are they to each other? Is the partnership between plant and pollinator very tight and specific, or is there room for flexibility? In this changing world, can we predict what will happen to the pollination of our wild flora and crop plants?

Rinke Vinkenoog hails from the Netherlands, where he developed his love for the natural world in the lowlands around Amsterdam. He is a senior lecturer at Northumbria University, with a keen interest in pollination.