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The retreat of the North Sea Ice lobe: New seafloor evidence from the Britice Chrono project. Talk by Dr Dave Roberts

Friday 26 February, 7pm-8pm
Great North Museum: Hancock

The ice sheet history of the east coast of the UK and western North Sea has long fascinated geologists. During the last glacial cycle the North East was overrun by the British-Irish Ice Sheet (BIIS) flowing eastwards and southwards. In recent years it has become evident that several ice streams including the Tweed, Tyne, and Stainmore Gap ice streams, as well as the late stage North Sea Lobe, played a role in shaping the landscape. Understanding the flow phasing of these ice streams is important for understanding the dynamic behaviour of the BIIS and ice sheet collapse patterns. Here we present new data from the seafloor collected during recent work undertaken by the BritIce Chrono project in the North Sea.

Dave Roberts is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography at Durham University. His research interests centre on glacial sedimentary processes, subglacial processes and controls on ice sheet and ice stream dynamics, in Greenland and the UK.