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The Holly and the Ivy: the Natural History of Christmas

Holly Berries Ilex aquifolium

Monday 26 November 2018, 2:00 – 4:00pm

Course length: 4 sessions
Course structure: 2 indoor sessions, 2 outdoor sessions

Is there a time of the year with a richer folklore, a more mysterious mythology, and a larger litany of lively legends than Christmas? The season’s facts and folklore woven together form a complex cultural tapestry detailing many fascinating customs and a rich ceremonial history. A constant thread in this is the role of the countryside and its wildlife in developing our modern Christmas customs.

In four two-hour sessions (two class room and two outdoor), the course explores the natural history and countryside origin of so many of our Christmas customs, how these have informed our past and present beliefs, and how they enrich the mid-winter world of Christmas.

Cost: £38 (concessions £30)

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