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The Grass Snakes of Gibside

Indoor Event, 7pm.
Great North Museum, Newcastle

The Grass Snake is an uncommon species in the North East, where it is at the edge of its northerly range in the UK. The Derwent Valley has historically been associated with Grass Snakes but their numbers are very low. John Grundy was contracted by the National Trust to carry out a 3 year habitat enrichment project for Grass Snakes on their Gibside estate. In this talk he will tell us what he learnt about the Grass Snakes of Gibside and the work that he carried out to try and increase the population. John is the Vice-Chair and Field Training Officer of the North East Reptile & Amphibian Group and the North East representative for the Amphibian and Reptile Group UK. He trains group members in herpe to fauna identification and survey techniques.