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The changing Dales - an ecologist's view

Yorkshire Dales by Emmanuel Giel

Yorkshire Dales by Emmanuel Giel

Illustrated talk by Professor John Lee

Friday 28 October, 7-8pm.

Lecture Theatre 1, Herschel Building, Newcastle University. Click for map.

To many visitors the Yorkshire Dales form an iconic and ageless landscape but there has been considerable change both in landscape and in animal and plant communities largely caused by human activities. The Dales have attracted naturalists for at least two centuries, but even during this comparatively short period in ecological terms, there has been considerable change. This talk examines some examples of these changes and looks to the future of the recently expanded National Park through the eyes of an ecologist.

John Lee is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Biology in the University of Sheffield, and a former President of both the British Ecological Society and the International Association for Ecology. He is also the author of the New Naturalist title Yorkshire Dales.