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The Bittern

Indoor Event, 7pm.
Great North Museum, Newcastle.

In 1997 there were only 11 booming Bitterns left in the UK. Since that time the RSPB has embarked on a significant targeted programme of wetland management, protection and creation to help this secretive heron back from the brink of extinction in the UK. There are now over 100 booming Bitterns in reedbeds across the UK and in the past 15 years the RSPB has learnt a great deal about these rare birds.

Simon Wightman is Reserves Ecologist for the RSPB. He works with RSPB reserve teams, especially in northern England, guiding habitat management and monitoring. He is directly involved in managing habitats for Bitterns around the Humber and in the North West and has previously carried out EU funded work for Bitterns in the Lee Valley. In this talk he will tell us about the Bittern’s behaviour, ecology and habitat requirements, the work that the RSPB has being doing for Bitterns, its current status and future prospects.