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Tales of Scavenging Amphipods from the West Australian Basin

Friday 26 October, 18.29 – 18.45.  Newcastle University – Ridley Building 2, room RIDB2.1.65

The deepest 45% of the ocean (6000-11,000m) encompasses the hadal zone and one of the least understood ecosystems on the planet. Endemic hadal fauna, such as scavenging amphipods, must withstand low food availability, no natural light, and crushing hydrostatic pressure. This talk by Johanna Weston will focus on the scavenging amphipod community from the West Australian Basin in the Indian Ocean, an area which is not a subduction trench, but just deep enough to be classed as hadal.

These ‘1829 Lectures’, named after the year NHSN was founded, all take place at the apt time of 6.29 pm, or 18:29. The talks will allow members and supporters to enjoy a greater range of engaging topics alongside our popular and regular Friday evening talks.