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Stuart Roberts: Bee Decline - Countdown to Catastrophe?

The subject of bee decline is seldom out of the news these days, but how much of what we hear about is actually based on evidence? What exactly is ‘well established fact’ rather than just ‘widely held belief’? Bees comprise the most important group of animal pollinators, and number about 19,500 described species worldwide.

Their value to agriculture, natural habitats, human health and wellbeing is vast. However, serious declines in both bee diversity and abundance have been widely reported. This presentation aims to address the breadth and depth of the reported declines, and will also investigate possible causes and deliver some practical solutions.

Stuart Roberts is a research fellow at the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research at the University of Reading. He has been studying various aspects of bee biology, ecology and bio-geography both in the UK and elsewhere for some 25 years, and is Chairman of the UK Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society (BWARS).