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Status of Marine Mammals in Northumberland by Simon Laing

Friday 6th Feb, 7-8pm

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

Marine mammal populations are threatened by human activities including entanglement in fishing gear, vessel and propeller strikes, noise and environmental pollution. Northumberland coastal waters offers a range of habitats from those exposed to industry around the Tyne and Blyth to more pristine areas in north. The area attracts a range of marine mammals with a year around presence of Harbour Porpoise, White-beaked Dolphin, Minke Whale, Grey and Harbour Seal. In this lecture the ecology, threats and status of these marine mammals will be presented and discussed in relation to fisheries and renewable energy developments.

Simon Laing is a part-time Research Assistant at the Dove Marine Laboratory, working under the supervision of marine mammal ecologist Dr. Per Berggren. Simon has been surveying local marine mammal populations since 2012. He is interested in how autonomous acoustic monitoring devices can provide low-cost and year-round marine mammal survey methods, but unfortunately he keeps losing them! Thankfully they do tend to show up again, sometimes as far away as Oslo.

This talk was originally advertised as being given by Dr Per Berggren. Unfortunately Per is now unable to give this talk.