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Slugs and Snails: a Slimy Success Story

Pond Snail Species © Florence Davies

Friday 3 November 2017, 19:00.  Newcastle University – Ridley Building, Lecture Hall RIDB2.1.65

World-wide, land slugs and snails are among the most successful of all land animals
(bar insects), with far more species than both birds and mammals combined. This talk by Professor Robert Cameron will look at the features that make them so successful. Some have bizarre mating habits; the range of size, shape and ways of life among them is colossal; some can spend less than 5% of their lives being active. While some can be pests, others are endangered – snail species in particular have the highest rate of extinction of any group of animals.

Robert has worked on snails for the whole of his adult life and written more than a hundred papers on snails. He is the author of the recent Collins New Naturalist “Slugs and Snails”, and of keys for identifying British species.