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Shale Gas: Geology, Hype, Reality by Professor Andrew Aplin

7pm Great North Museum: Hancock

The US shale gas revolution and its ripple to Europe has brought geology once more into the public eye, with the British Geological Survey suggesting a significant potential for the UK. So: what constitutes a good shale gas reservoir, can we produce it safely and will it make much difference to our future energy mix?

Andrew Aplin is Professor of Unconventional Petroleum in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University. He is a highly respected petroleum geoscientist with a particular interest in shales and mudstones. He has worked on many problems linked to the physical and chemical properties of fine-grained sediments, including seals to petroleum reservoirs and CO2 storage sites, leakage, gas shales and pore pressure estimation. Professor Aplin has been involved with and led several major Joint Industry Projects, he has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers and was awarded the Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award for Best Paper in AAPG Bulletin in both 2009 and 2013