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Seals of Northumberland

Indoor Event 7.00-8.30pm (doors open at 6.20pm)

Two species of seal breed in UK waters: Grey Seals and Harbour Seals (also called Common Seals). The Grey Seal is the only species occurring in significant numbers within the Berwickshire and North Northumberland European Marine Site (EMS), although one small group of Harbour Seals haul out regularly on the sands at Lindisfarne.

Dr. David Thompson is Senior Research Scientist at the Sea Mammals Research Unit, Scottish Oceans Institute at the University of St. Andrews in Aberdeen and co-author of the recent report on the status of grey seals in the EMS ( as well as a range of other papers on pinnipeds.

In addition to updating on the status of seals in Northumberland, Dr. Thompson is also investigating seal strandings, particularly ‘corkscrew deaths’. If any members have photographs of any corpses they have seen on the coast, he would welcome photographs including any historical ones (email:

Venue: Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge NE2 4PT