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Reintroducing Milvus milvus: A Performed Abstract by Rachel Magdeburg

Rachel has contacted us to say that she is unwell. We are sorry but this event is cancelled. We hope to reschedule later in the year.

Friday 6th March 8.30pm-9pm

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

Visual Artist Rachel Magdeburg will narrate her written script: ‘Milvus milvus: The reCAPTCHA.’ This lyrical fiction applies linguistic devices, comedy and anthropomorphism to tell a tale of revenge, an analogy to xenophobia and a comment on commercialisation.

This chronological story uses rhyming text and word play and traces the Red Kites near annihilation during the 19th century by Humans and then their ‘moral’ restoration due to guilt. The Red Kites seek vengeance for their destruction and ‘assisted translocation’ and retaliate by taking over the UK through brand domination and monopolising Business, Leisure, Technology and Enviro-Tourism sectors.

Embedded within the narrative are views surrounding immigration (contrasted to bird migration). It also topically addresses the current discussions regarding the proposed Anthropocene and Rewilding; the question of what is a ‘native’ or ‘invasive species’ and Human creation of ‘wildness.’

Rachel will read the script as a ‘performed abstract’ and incorporate props and a PowerPoint slideshow of images drawn from animation and advertising.

Rachel is an artist and writer based in Gateshead.