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Re-introducing Water Voles to Kielder. Talk by Kevin O'Hara

Water Vole © David Gibbon

Friday 12 February, 7pm-8pm
Great North Museum: Hancock

The ‘Restoring Ratty’ project has the principle aim of re-establishing a viable, self-sustaining population of Water Voles in the Kielder/north Tyne catchment of Northumberland. This will be through the reintroduction of captive bred animals sourced from wild donor stocks from viable northern British populations. The added aim of any such substantial release would be to restore a complete Water Vole meta-population system and to maintain the whole catchment free of breeding American Mink which is the end goal of the project. The project hopes to expand its boundaries and practices throughout the Tyne catchment with the ultimate goal of restoring Water Voles to the entire Tyne catchment.

Kevin is Conservation Officer for Northumberland Wildlife Trust where he has worked for over 16 years, principally with wetlands and their associated species such as Otter. He has worked on the re-establishment of Water Voles to the region for the past 10 years establishing a regional working group and regional management strategy for the species. He has managed the Restoring Ratty project since 2013 and hopes to see it to fruition by 2021.