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Peatscapes: The Peatlands of the Northern Pennine

Dr Andy Lloyd of the North Pennine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ‘PEATSCAPES’ Project will introduce the special features of these landscapes, the restoration efforts underway and the latest research that aims to further inform how these important ecosystems function.

There is an increasing recognition of the importance of maintaining our peatlands in favourable condition. Following on from the pioneering work on the Border Mires, restoration projects are now underway across most of the upland areas where peatlands are found.

In the North Pennines, the Area of Outstanding Natural beauty Partnership is working with landowners, local contractors and government agencies to restore peatlands by blocking drainage ditches and revegetating areas of bare and eroding peat.

They are also working closely with other peatland projects around the UK to share, co-ordinate and fund research into peatland science.