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Northumberland Bird Atlas 2007-11

Talk, 7-8pm. Great North Museum:Hancock.

With changes to our climate and habitats and the decline in some of our migrant species has the size, distribution and diversity of bird populations in Northumberland also changed? From 2007-2011 the British Trust for Ornithology co-ordinated a survey of the nation’s birds. Fieldwork for this was undertaken on a county basis by willing volunteers surveying 2km x 2km tetrads. The National Bird Atlas has just been published by the BTO and the Northumberland Bird Atlas is scheduled for publication by the Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club at the end of 2014. This will include breeding and winter distribution maps showing the abundance, breeding status and change in bird species since previous surveys. This talk will show a selection of results from the Atlas fieldwork highlighting those species which have declined and those which have increased, plus a discussion on bird distribution in Northumberland and a chance to admire Northumberland’s bird life.

Tim Dean has been County Recorder for Northumberland since 2006 and has been leading the Atlas sub-committee of the Northumberland & Tyneside Bird Club. He has been a keen birder and photographer for 40 years, both in the UK and overseas. His base in Rothbury ensured easy access to all parts of the county for Atlas surveying and with his ultra keen wife also helping they dedicatedly surveyed over 1,000 tetrads for the Atlas – nearly two-thirds of the total!