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Mega-Scale Glacial Lineations in Mid-Northumberland

Sun 7th May 2017, 10am  – 3.30pm

The movement of glacier ice across Northumberland during the Quaternary has both eroded bedrock weaknesses where they exist, and deposited extensive drumlin fields.  The interaction of the bedrock geology and ice flow direction created a continuum of landforms.  These range in size from small scratches on rock surfaces, to Mega-Scale Glacial Lineations, up to 10s of km in length.  These landforms can be interpreted to tell us about the retreat of ice some 20 to 14 thousand years ago.

Join Derek Teasdale for this full-day trip which begins by examining the largest terminal moraine of the inland ice at Kirkley Hall.  In the afternoon, we will undertake a car-based journey, in an up-ice direction, to examine glacial landforms, before finishing near Kirkwelpington, Northumberland.  Bring a packed lunch.  Walking will be along country paths, across fields and over stiles. This is a joint field meeting with North Eastern Geological Society.

Meet at 10.00 am at Kirkley Hall, Ponteland,​​ Northumberland, NE20 0AQ.  The car park is free, with a cafe and toilets available.