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How to Kill Slugs - a Guide!

Friday 02 November, 18.29 – 18.45.  Newcastle University – Ridley Building 2, room RIDB2.1.65

Gastropod damage to crop plants has a significant economic impact on the UK’s agricultural and horticultural industries, with the grey field slug being particularly culpable. Samantha Da Silva will introduce the grey field slug, explain why slugs are such a problem to agriculture and are so hard to kill; then, discuss what to do about the problem and touch on how slugs can be killed on an agricultural scale.

These ‘1829 Lectures’, named after the year NHSN was founded, all take place at the apt time of 6.29 pm, or 18:29. The talks will allow members and supporters to enjoy a greater range of engaging topics alongside our popular and regular Friday evening talks.