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Gowk Bank and the River Irthing, Gilsland

Outdoor Event, 10.30am

Gowk Bank is a remote species-rich meadow near Butterburn by the River Irthing in the North Pennines, and we will also look at the river itself. In the meadow are several orchids including the very rare Small-white Orchid, Frog Orchid, Early Marsh Orchid and Fragrant Orchid. Globeflower is locally dominant. The Irthing itself has Water Sedge and Slender Tufted-Sedge and we might find Variegated Horsetail, Northern Spike-Rush and Slender-Spike-Rush. We will meet on the minor road just south-west of Gilsland village, past the school, near Hadrian’s Wall (grid ref NY630662). From there we will double-up on cars as there is limited parking on the road up the Irthing. Bring lunch and midge-repellent.

This event is led by Professor John Richards & Dr Angus Lunn