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Gough: saving one of the world's most important seabird islands

Gough Island © Stephen Chown

Friday 31 January, 7.00pm-8.00pm, Newcastle University – Ridley Building 2, room RIDB2.1.65

with David Kinchin-Smith and Emma Witcutt

Gough Island sits in the middle of the South Atlantic more than 2,500 km from South Africa, the nearest continental landmass. In the 19th century, House Mice were accidentally introduced to the island by sailors. 200 years later, the mice have evolved to eat the eggs and chicks of the 8-10 million seabirds which breed on the island each year. David and Em spent 13 months living and working on the island for the RSPB and Tristan Da Cunha Conservation Department as part of the Gough Island Restoration Programme. The Restoration Programme is designed to eliminate mice from the island and restore it to the pristine environment and haven for seabirds it once was. David and Em will talk about the Restoration Programme, life in the South Atlantic and their work with the spectacular wildlife which breed on Gough Island.

David is currently Assistant Warden for Coquet Island, and Em has recently joined the Northumberland Coast-Care project team.