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Gliding Reptiles, Strange Fishes & Barrier Reefs: Northumbrian Wildlife in the Permian Period by Tim Pettigrew

Friday 5th December, 7-8pm

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

Tim will describe the evidence for the catastrophic flooding of the Northumbrian Permian desert by the Zechstein Sea, which then formed the habitat for an amazing diversity of plants and animals. The creatures of the remarkable barrier reef, which developed in what is now County Durham, will also be described, including one animal hitherto un-recorded in the UK. The slow demise of the Zechstein Sea coincided with the gradual elimination of the remaining Permian wildlife. The last fossils in Northumbria were preserved in the rocks around Seaham Harbour, before the world-wide mass extinction at the end of the Period, which is widely believed to have been caused by a global warming event.

Tim Pettigrew was in charge of the geological collections at Sunderland Museum from 1975 until 1991.