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Fracked or fiction – what does the science tell us about the environmental impact?

Illustrated talk by Professor Richard Davies

Friday 27 January, 7-8pm.

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle NE2 4PT.

Fracking has been an issue of public concern since the first attempted fracking operation in Lancashire in 2011. In this talk, Richard will introduce the subject of hydraulic fracturing: How is fracking conducted? What is the current state of the UK fracking industry? Why is fracking a controversial issue? He will also summarise some of the research being conducted by the ReFINE consortium, addressing concerns such as:

  • Well integrity and the issue of abandoned wells
  • The extent of hydraulic fractures and the potential for aquifer contamination
  • The potential for fracking to trigger earthquakes, and the history of induced seismicity in the UK
  • Fugitive emissions of gas from oil and gas infrastructure

Richard Davies is Professor of geo-energy at Newcastle University, having previously been Director of the Durham Energy Institute at Durham University. He has been working on hydraulic fracturing for the last ten years. Since 2013 Richard has led the ReFINE consortium which focuses on researching the environmental and social impacts of shale gas development.