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Flora of Cronkley Pasture

Outdoor Event, 10.30am-3pm

This is an under-investigated part of the Upper Teesdale botanical hotspot, where there have recently turned up in flushes Yellow Saxifrage Saxifraga aizoides, Alpine Rush Juncus alpinoarticulatus, False Sedge Kobresia simpliciuscula and Scottish Asphodel Tofieldia pusilla together with a new site for Spring Gentian Gentiana verna. There is also an old record for Alpine Bartsia Bartsia alpina, not seen here for a long time. Nearby is Tarn Dub, a pond which may contain interesting species. Linda Robinson is the BSBI recorder for vice-county 65 (NW Yorkshire) and will greatly appreciate some sharp extra eyes.

Meet in the car park opposite the footpath to Cronkley Bridge (about half-way between High Force and Langdon Beck: grid ref NY 867298). Bring lunch, and be prepared for the weather.