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Flora of Coalcleugh and the head of West Allendale

Outdoor Event, 11am-4pm

We will look at varied upland habitats including lead-mine spoil, limestone outcrops and flushes. The Coalcleugh spoil is a noted site for metalliferous species: Spring Sandwort Minuartia verna, Alpine Pennycress Noccea caerulescens and Mountain Pansy Viola lutea, together with mosses such as Bryum pallens and metallophyte lichens such as Stereocaulon nanodes, S. delisei and Epilichen scabrosus. On limestone are Green Spleenwort Asplenium viride and Moonwort Botrychium lunaria, and in flushes are Chickweed Willowherb Epilobium alsinifolium, Starry Saxifrage Saxifraga stellaris and Pale Forget-me-not Myosotis brevifolia.

Meet at the Northumberland – Cumbria county boundary (at the head of West Allendale) at grid ref NY794444). Bring lunch, and be prepared for August weather!