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East Scotland Sea Eagles

7pm. Great North Museum: Hancock.

The last British White-tailed Eagle was shot in 1918. Two formal reintroductions, releasing a total of 140 birds, were carried out on Rum (1975 to 1985) and Wester Ross (1993-1998). These birds have gone on to establish a population of over 60 breeding pairs on the west coast of Scotland. White-tailed Eagles last bred in East Scotland approximately 200 years ago. The third phase of the reintroduction, which began in 2007, aims to establish a breeding population in East Scotland and is being carried out as a partnership project between RSPB Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission Scotland.

Rhian Evans is the East Scotland Sea Eagle Officer for the RSPB and in this talk she will tell us about the ecology of White-tailed Eagles and the east coast reintroduction scheme. Has it been successful? Can we expect to see White-tailed Eagles spreading south to our region?